One Tee, Ten Looks

I’m so glad the rebirth of graphic tees has finally surfaced. Ever since I was a kid, tees have served as a necessity of mine. And they are definitely an essential this fall. TOPSHOP has created a Graphic Dove Print Tee that I am completely obsessing over. This piece transitions so smoothly from night to day as you can choose to dress it up, or down. Here are ten styles that you can rock when contending to this tee:

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Sale! Sale! Sale!

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So it has been quite some time since my last post — i’ll just blame midterms. However, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the endless all-nighters… other than shopping.

So, my first stop:  Bridgewater Mall.

As per usual, my first stop was Lord & Taylor — I conveniently park my car right outside Bloomingdales and L&T (easy access to my two favorites). While at Lord & Taylor, I saved big bucks on my newly acquired BCBGeneration pleated pullover trousers that I am completely in love with. These trousers define comfort at a price that I just could not afford to turn down — $28 marked down from $88. Not to mention, they can be worn to almost any occasion — always a plus. I paired them with my Vince Camuto wedges I bought earlier this summer, along with an old Free People vest I bought centuries ago — or so it seems. I love making use out of old clothes that I will never get rid of, yet never actually wear. I altered this Free People dress with a hair tie to make a tighter fit (tied it in the back and tucked the knot under). And I cannot help but comment on how flattering this open back is on my sister.