One Tee, Ten Looks

I’m so glad the rebirth of graphic tees has finally surfaced. Ever since I was a kid, tees have served as a necessity of mine. And they are definitely an essential this fall. TOPSHOP has created a Graphic Dove Print Tee that I am completely obsessing over. This piece transitions so smoothly from night to day as you can choose to dress it up, or down. Here are ten styles that you can rock when contending to this tee:

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Rolling in Deep.

Alert, Alert, Alert: Hottest Hair Trend!

Want a polished look in a matter of seconds? Then opt for a deep side part that is flattering to all! This is by far my favorite hairstyle as it covers up my widows peak while making my abnormally square forehead appear smaller. Here are some easy steps to follow when attending to this look:

        1. First off, align your part with the highest point of your eyebrow – the arch. 
        2. Then, apply a product of your choosing to your hair to add shine. 
        3. Follow up by stroking through every strand of hair with a brush until product is thoroughly saturated. 
        4. Perfect your part by using the end of a tail comb. 
        5. Finally, perfect it to your style. 

So Clutch.

“Much like our handbags, the mail carries some of our valuable items. This inspiration
transcends into stylish envelope clutches as they carry our most valuable items around the
clock. No postage required.” – Accessories Magazine

Go embellished, bright, nude, print, or basic when

attending to this statement look.


Beauty Breakthrough: NARS Albatross Highlighter

Ever since I learned of the concept of contouring, I’ve been in search for the best products to do so. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, contouring is simply about shadows and light – using a darker shade to push an area inward and a lighter shade to push an area outward. Therefore, contouring defines your cheek bones while creating the appearance of a stronger jawline – only making your face look slimmer. While highlighting is the last step of the contouring process, it is essential to completing the look. It adds a visible, natural-looking, shimmer that gives a flawless finished look. At a reasonable price, you can purchase NARS Albatross Highlighter – undoubtedly, the best highlighter I have ever used. It may not be the cheapest on the market, but it’s a great product in return and one that will be sure to last you awhile. Remember to only use a little as you will look overly shiny if you don’t. It doesn’t take an artist to master the contouring process, however, it does take practice. Once you get comfortable, you will feel as though you are red carpet ready!


Sale! Sale! Sale!

 Faux Fur Jacket: Eight Sixty (sale is happening now at Lord & Taylor for $18) | Dress: Free People (exclusively sold in-store only at Lord & Taylor for  $28) | Clutch: Francesca’s Collections (in-store only for $20) | Leggings: INC International Concepts ($19) | Combat Boots: Aerosoles ($60)

Most recently, I purchased an Eight Sixty faux fur jacket at Lord & Taylor’s for only $18! Originally priced at $118 – an amazing deal to say the least. In search for more steals, I came across this Free People Black and White Geometric Print Mod Squad Ethnic Mini Dress – ideal dress for both, winter and summer. A steal it was, I purchased this piece for $28, initially priced at $168!  Since looks can be deceiving and the weather was not as beautifully warm as depicted in the picture above,  I sported INC International Concept leggings, purchased at Macy’s for $29. However, they have since gone on sale for $19! I must inform you, these leggings are incomparable to any I have ever owned – no rips in the crotch area after a few wears, obviously comfortable, and the stretch in these leggings doesn’t cut the circulation off my thunder thighs. As for the black leather combat boots aligned with a lighter shade of brown, they were purchased at Aerosoles for $60. Yes, combat boots are so hot right now and I will be seen marching in them all summer long. On a side note, I must mention that Steve Madden  added an abundance of color to his already desired Troopa combat boot, and I am in complete awe over them. Last, but definitely not least, my royal blue snakeskin clutch purchased at Francesca’s Collections. If you’re in love with this clutch, as I am, you will have to take a visit to the store in order to indulge in this wonderful sale item- I promise you won’t regret it.